Litigation is inherently unpredictable and deadline-driven, but with commitment and creativity in the firm’s management, Zuckerman Spaeder LLP maintains its high standards while simultaneously offering all of its employees balance and flexibility.

At Zuckerman Spaeder, we depend on creative thinking—acting quickly, working as part of a team, developing original insights, and communicating with clarity. Having a good overall quality of life sharpens these skills. No one can be nimble if they’re stuck in a rut.

The firm takes seriously its responsibility to give its employees the tools and support they need in order to fulfill their potential and provide the best possible service for our clients. Because of our small size, we are not bound by “one-size-fits-all” work/life balance policies. Instead, we are able to evaluate each employee’s unique needs and develop individual solutions.

When work and life are in balance, they enhance one another. Ultimately, our clients reap the benefits. If you’re sharp, innovative, and dedicated, we hope you’ll consider what it would be like to work for a firm that values balance as much as you do.