Plaintiffs & Class Action Litigation

Civil Litigation

We are a national litigation firm with a high-profile practice in several areas, including complex commercial disputes, class actions, securities fraud, and white collar criminal defense. Zuckerman Spaeder has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading litigation boutiques. Unlike most big firms, and unlike most other litigation specialty firms, however, we are in a small group of nationally recognized litigation boutiques where representing plaintiffs is an important part of our practice. We regularly go toe-to-toe with the country’s biggest law firms and companies and have the experience, credentials, and strength to prevail.

Our ranks are filled with dozens of former prosecutors and public defenders, who have spent their careers investigating complex frauds and other wrongs, in addition to lawyers who have cut their teeth in private practice taking on the nation’s biggest companies on behalf of individual, groups and classes. And, we have the perspective that comes from both prosecuting and defending cases. Often our insight into what the defense is thinking and what is being discussed in the general counsel’s office and the boardroom helps us advise our clients about whether to try or settle a case.

Our firm also has dozens of lawyers who have spent months and years trying complex civil and criminal cases to juries around the country. We can and do take cases to trial. Our trial experience, and the defense’s knowledge that we will go to trial, gives us insight at that crucial moment in a case when the defendant is deciding whether to pay an eight or nine figure settlement or take its chances with a jury.

We have a strong reputation among plaintiffs’ law firms around the country who regularly look to us as partners in some of their biggest and most complex cases. We are committed to working with plaintiffs’ co-counsel in open, collaborative ways that maximize our clients’ chances for success and make economic sense, both for the firm and for co-counsel.

Experience Highlights

Our Plaintiffs’ Practice covers both a wide spectrum of subject matters and a broad range of clients. Unlike firms limited to class actions or a narrow range of plaintiffs’ specialties, we are used to mastering new, complex legal issues and subjects, and taking them to trial.

These range from an elaborate nationwide scheme to defraud personal injury victims in structured settlements; to the role of international banks in funding Middle East terrorism; to Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) claims involving foreign currency transactions; to an accountant kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured in the Philippines because his employer mishandled the ransom demands; to antitrust actions involving price fixing and illegal horizontal restraints; to the estate of a NFL legend in a landmark case against pro-football’s pension fund; to shareholder derivative actions on behalf of national banks involving corporate governance issues; to industrial accidents; to products liability and toxic tort issues involving satellites, Ford trucks, and misapplied pesticides; to claims on behalf of people wrongfully convicted based on fabricated evidence in a state crime lab; to an extensive scheme to defraud farmers and ranchers by selling them limited benefit health care insurance as being as good or better than major medical coverage.

We have represented creditors’ committees, states, businesses, classes, individuals, and groups. The firm has served on plaintiffs’ steering committees and executive committees, and worked on large, multi-firm efforts that can take years to resolve.