Blog Editor Writes About Noncompetes For National Law Journal; No Word On Whether It ‎Violates His Non-Compete Clause With Us

| William A. Schreiner, Jr.

Regular readers of this space know we’ve written a lot about non-compete clauses in executive employment agreements.  Indeed, we should write about them and you should know about them: they can have a significant impact, they’re often misunderstood or overlooked, and the law on them is in a rapid state of flux, as some states reconsider how they will treat them. 

Now one of the editors of this blog, P. Andrew Torrez of our Baltimore office, has published a great piece in the National Law Journal about a California state supreme court decision that is spearheading a wave of changes to non-compete clauses all over the nation.  It’s a must-read for anyone dealing with employees or corporate operations in the Golden State. 

It’s also an honor for us to have one of our own published in the National Law Journal.  And we’re not just saying that because of the old maxim about not arguing with people who buy paper by the ton and ink by the barrel, but because NLJ is, as legal periodicals go, a serious and significant one (its blog covering law in our home base of Washington, D.C., is first-rate, too).

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