California raises standard on religious clothing, hairstyles; also, UVA failed coup revisited

| William A. Schreiner, Jr.

Two quick news notes from the broader employment law world: Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed into law a bill that creates a higher bar for employers that would move employees wearing clothing or hairstyles based on religious beliefs – such as turbans or hijabs – out of public workspaces and into back rooms.  The new law will require employers to show an undue hardship, essentially a particular difficulty or expense, to accommodate those employees.   It's clearly a response to a lawsuit involving this exact issue and Disneyland --  which colleague Andrew Torrez covered here

And from the New York Times Magazine comes this great article with the fitting headline “How Not To Fire A College President,” about the attempted ouster of University of Virginia President Theresa Sullivan.  Perhaps the key takeaway from this cavalier move: when planning to remove a liked and respected C-level executive, try to get leaders of affected constituencies within the organization to buy in before the ouster