The Inbox

| Jason M. Knott

The pre-Labor Day highlights of Suits by Suits:

  • A producer of Martin Scorcese’s next film, The Wolf of Wall Street, filed a lawsuit against the production company for reducing her role.  The New York Post reports that Alexandra Milchan alleges that she was owed $700,000 in fixed payments and the right to produce the film.  The article includes a photo of Leo DiCaprio wearing … you guessed it … a suit.
  • The Richmond Times-Dispatch says that the former director of human resources for Chesterfield County has alleged discrimination because she didn’t receive the same “sweetheart” severance deal that her male counterparts received when they were terminated or reassigned.  Her lawyer has moved to compel the county to disclose the other severance agreements.
  •  Jim Greer, former chair of the Republican Party of Florida, has sued the party for breach of a severance agreement, reports the Sunshine State News.  Greer has also been charged with money laundering and fraud based on allegations that he steered party money to a fundraising company.  His lawyer doesn’t lack for bravado: of the party, he said, “They’re dead ... Jim Greer will win the criminal case and Jim Greer will win the civil case.”
  • The Block Island Times covers the intriguing tale of Monty Stover, an administrator at the Block Island Medical Center who was ousted by the Center’s board in July.  The public is petitioning for his reinstatement, and Stover wrote a letter to the paper detailing how he was handed a press release and severance agreement to sign shortly before he was escorted to his car at 9 a.m. on a Monday morning.