The Inbox

| Jason M. Knott

News in suits by suits for you to ponder once you’ve tired of reading about replacement refs and bacon:

  • Every law librarian I know is a kind, mild-mannered person who would never dream of threatening to bash you with a crowbar.  But Donald Raymond, formerly of Southern Illinois University, was accused of making such a threat, and was fired shortly after the allegation.  Karen Sloan at the National Law Journal writes that Raymond sued his employer after his termination, and that his case has now survived a motion to dismiss. 
  • Did Domino’s fail to deliver on its stock option promises?  Jim Vitek, the company’s former director of e-commerce, says so, in a lawsuit reported by  The pizza chain claims that Vitek was terminated for cause after he refused to sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement.
  • We’ve previously posted about the twists and turns of Eaton Corp.’s trade secrets case against its former engineers.  Sue Reisinger of Corporate Counsel covers a new “scathing” ruling by a Mississippi judge finding that the company knew about and tried to cover up efforts to influence a previous judge on the case.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal’s Corruption Currents blog, a recent study by the Ethics Resource Center found that retaliation for whistleblowing is on the rise.  The study found that 22% of employees who reported wrongful conduct to their employer in 2011 said that they were subject to retaliation as a result of their reports, compared with 19% in 2009.  It also concluded that managers were more likely than non-managers to face retaliation.