The Inbox – August 23, 2013 – The All Politics is Local Edition

| Marcus, Ellen

    • Maybe it’s not fair to name a style of politics after that beautiful city by the lake, but the city’s case is not being helped by the finger pointing this week after an auditor said that the Metra rail agency’s insurance policy could have covered the costs of litigation with Metra’s former CEO Alex Clifford. The high cost of litigation apparently was used as a rationale for the $718,000 separation agreement between Metra and Clifford. This reminds us of one of our mantras here at Suits by Suitsif litigation is on the horizon, check your insurance policy!
    • Not that the academic style of politics seems much better. On Wednesday, the Iowa Court of Appeals reversed a jury’s award of $784,000 to a former Iowa State University employee who claimed that he was viciously harassed by his superiors after blowing the whistle on his boss for financial misconduct. However, the court left intact the jury’s $500,000 award to the employee for intentional infliction of emotional distress. At trial, the employee presented evidence that his superiors made false accusations to campus police that he was a security threat and potential mass murderer.
    • Here at home (no politics here!), the D.C. Superior Court ruled on Tuesday that three local police officers did not have a valid claim against the D.C. government. The officers contend that they were denied assignments and referred to internal affairs in retaliation for their speaking up about the ineffectiveness of breath-testing equipment used by the police department for suspected drunk drivers. The court found that the evidence does not support the officers’ allegations.
    • Finally, a new survey is out about office politics showing that most people prefer not to friend their boss on Facebook.