The Inbox, Cherry Blossom Edition

| William A. Schreiner, Jr.

Here at SuitsbySuits Headquarters in Washington, the Nationals are blossoming and the fabled cherry trees are about to.  Here’s what’s caught our eye between Bryce Harper’s home runs and the crowds on the National Mall

Eric Murdock, who compiled the video showing former Rutgers’ basketball coach Mike Rice’s abusive behavior toward players, plans to sue Rutgers for wrongful termination.  According to Murdock’s lawyer, Rutgers did not renew Murdock’s contract as director of player personnel after he reported Rice’s behavior to the school last summer.

Not the best negotiating strategy: Workers at a greeting card company in France have kidnapped their boss in a dispute over pay.

Non-compete agreements aren’t just for office workers: a St. Petersburg, Florida chef has been enjoined from working in any restaurant in Pinellas County because she signed one.

And in another food-type note, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of biscuit maker Stella D’Oro and against the National Labor Relations Board, overturning the NLRB’s finding that the company’s failure to provide a copy of its financial statement to an employee union was an unfair labor practice.