The Inbox - December 13, 2013

| Marcus, Ellen

  • A federal court is allowing to go forward a claim against Continental Airlines brought under New Jersey law by a gay flight attendant for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  The flight attendant claims that the airlines forced him to cut his mohawk and created a hostile work environment.
  • In other news from the not-always-so-friendly-skies, following the airlines merger on Monday, the new American Airlines Group disclosed in an SEC filing that – if certain post-merger milestones are met – CEO Doug Parker will receive a retention bonus that includes shares worth about $15 million.  The new airline also described the latest version of a severance package for Tom Horton, the former CEO of the pre-merger airline, whose earlier version of severance package was considered and then rejected by a bankruptcy court – a saga that we followed closely here at Suits by Suits.
  • In other New Jersey news, the disability discrimination claim of a dealer who once worked at Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City has been dismissed after a court found that the dealer was barred from claiming in the case that she was qualified to work, which was at odds with her sworn statement to the Social Security Administration that she could not use her right hand that she made when she sought (and eventually received) disability benefits.
  • In news having nothing to do with airlines or New Jersey, the dean of engineering of Sacramento State recently was put on leave by the school after he was accused in a federal lawsuit brought by a career counselor at the school of creating a hostile work environment – allegedly as retaliation for her investigating claims of sexual harassment by an engineering professor.