The Inbox -- Extra Hot Heat Wave Edition

| William A. Schreiner, Jr.

From The Inbox: Tempers may be flaring around the country given this week's rampant heat wave, because the big news seems to be about heated wrongful termination suits between employers and their employees:

In Tampa – where Zuckerman Spaeder maintains a great office, by the way – the former human resources director of Hillsborough County has sued the county for wrongful termination.  That in itself may not be so unusual – but as the Tampa Bay Times notes, the suit follows the HR director’s complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission that the County’s property appraiser sent her pornographic emails.  Another rule to live by: don’t send the HR director pornographic email. 

From West Virginia, a woman has sued TRG Solutions, alleging that she was wrongfully terminated for being pregnant.  Surely by coincidence, she was fired the day she told her supervisor she was pregnant. 

Meanwhile, in Pasadena, a judge has ruled that a group of employees suing the city for wrongful termination are not entitled to have their jobs back while their case works its way toward trial.