The Inbox: January 10, 2014

| Andrew P. Torrez

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night – and certainly not a batch of freezing rain and ice that’s currently paralyzing the greater Baltimore-Washington area right now – stays your trusty editors from the swift completion of their appointed rounds; namely, bringing you the weekly roundup of Suits by Suits:

  • And finally:  there’s been much coverage of Colorado’s law legalizing recreational use of marijuana – my personal favorite story is “I just bought pot for the first time with my boss’s money!” – but, as those killjoys at the Wall Street Journal note, Colorado employers remain free to prohibit marijuana use by their employees and back up such prohibitions with regular, mandatory drug tests.  (The same story does note that drug use at the workplace has been on the decline for a decade, and that marijuana use accounted for just 2% of positive tests in 2012.)