The Inbox – July 26, 2013 – the Las Vegas (and D.C. and Cape Girardeau ) Edition

| Marcus, Ellen

"Las Vegas"

Our Suits by Suits Inbox this week:

  • Courtney McGrath, the former barn manager for Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton, has sued him for defamation. McGrath claims that Newton falsely accused her in a handwritten note posted to the barn door of killing his horse Infinity. Infinity suffered from a disease in its pituitary gland.
  • Steven Jacobs, the former CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s China unit who claims that he was wrongfully terminated for blowing the whistle on alleged ties between the casino company and Chinese organized crime, asked the Nevada Supreme Court this week to allow a hearing on jurisdictional questions to go forward in the trial court even while the casino company appeals earlier decisions against it by the trial court.
  • Maria Alvarado, the former laundry manager of Valet Services, Inc. can make a claim for unemployment benefits against Valet, even though she was not fired.  According to a decision this week by the D.C. Court of Appeals, Alvarado had good cause to leave if her boss verbally abused her. Alvarado claims that her boss frequently would call her names, including "stupid," and "a piece of crap."
  • Joseph Whittaker claims in a lawsuit that he filed against Car-Mart in Missouri federal court that he was terminated as general manager of a Car-Mart location in Cape Girardeau for his severe obesity in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.