The Inbox - May 17, 2013

| Jason M. Knott

"Indian Hawthorne Flowers"

May flowers are blooming, and so is the Suits by Suits news:

  • CEO dismissals hit a 10-year high in 2012, according to The Corporate Board’s study of CEO succession practices.  Matteo Tonello of the Corporate Board published this summary of the study on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.
  • The Anderson County Council is talking settlement in its long-running dispute with former county administrator Joey Preston, reports Bill Poovey of GSA Business.   The South Carolina legislators have spent $3 million in legal fees in their unsuccessful effort to recover Preston’s $1 million severance package.  That money would have bought a lot of Skins’ hot dogs.
  • We previously brought you the story of David Nosal, a former Korn/Ferry executive who was facing trial on charges of gaining unauthorized access to Korn/Ferry’s system and stealing trade secrets.  Joanne Lublin of the Wall Street Journal reports that the trial did not turn out well for Nosal: he was convicted on all counts.  Nosal told Lublin that he is confident that the verdict will be reversed.
  • New Mexico legislators criticized the large buyout offered to the new head coach at the state university, reported Alex Goldsmith at  Craig Neal will get $1 million plus up to $300,000 if the school decides to fire him in the next four years.  In his defense, Neal could have pointed to Mike Krzyzewski, who received $9.7 million from Duke in 2011 (when, incidentally, the Blue Devils lost to 15-seed Lehigh in the NCAA tournament).
  • More sports news: Sean Newell of Deadspin reports that warm and fuzzy coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots may have cut a player, Kyle Love, because he was diagnosed with diabetes.  Newell’s post discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act, which could have protected Love from termination based on his condition, and the at-will employment doctrine.