The Inbox - November 15, 2013

| Marcus, Ellen

"Geno's Subs"
    • Partners of the company that owns the Philadelphia Inquirer testified this week at a preliminary injunction hearing in a state court in Philly in a case that they brought against their other partners alleging that having editor Bill Marimow fired violated the company’s operating agreement. They seek a court order directing that Marimow be reinstated.
    • On Wednesday, a federal appeals court (also in Philly) affirmed a trial court’s summary judgment ruling against Janis Stacy, an engineer and transgender person, in her case against her former employer LSI Corp. for gender identity discrimination. Stacy was let go by the company after transitioning from male to female. The appeals court agreed with the trial court that Stacy did not have evidence of discriminatory intent to overcome the company’s evidence that she was terminated as part of a larger reduction-in-force due to the declining economy. You can find the opinion in Stacy v. LSI Corp. here.
    • Film director Lynn Ramsay reported this week that she has not been served with the lawsuit recently filed against her in New Mexico for breach of contract by the producers of Jane Got a Gun – a Western movie in the making starring Natalie PortmanRamsay had been the original director on the project. The producers allege that she accepted a large chunk of her salary under the agreement but didn’t show for the first day of production and behaved badly on the set.
    • A trial court in Atlanta ruled on Tuesday that the former Compliance Manager of BlueLinx Holdings, Inc. does not have a right to a jury trial in his case against BlueLinx for allegedly retaliating against him in violation of the Dodd-Frank Act after he blew the whistle on the company to the SEC and the PCAOB for allegedly excessive stock-based compensation for the company’s CEO. The whistleblower provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act are a frequent topic on Suits by Suits and will be examined closely in this upcoming webinar.