The Inbox, Pre-Super Bowl Edition

| William A. Schreiner, Jr.

Here at Suits by Suits Polar Vortex Centre, the debate rages even as the hours tick down to kickoff: who should we root for in Sunday’s big game, the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks?  Both teams’ home bases, from our point of view, have much to commend them in terms of the executive employment issues we love so much.  Seattle is home to Robinson Cano’s almost-quarter-billion-dollar deal with the Seattle Mariners – maybe not C-suite, but a great employment arrangement in and of itself.  Colorado, on the other hand, has given us some toothy stories over the years: from kidnapping to wrongful termination related to speech and a neat case on national origin discrimination.  

But since our beloved Washington football club was essentially eliminated from contention in about, er, October, none of it has really mattered much to us. 

In any event, before you dig into the chili and chicken wings (or not), here are some of the week’s most interesting happenings that concern executive-employer relationships: