The Inbox, What Kind Of Severance Do The Lords-A-Leaping Get Edition

| William A. Schreiner, Jr.

"Partridge in a Pear Tree"

Here at the Suits by Suits World Last-Minute Gift-Buying-Wrapping-And-Shipping Center, we’re scrambling to finish preparations for our big holiday celebration, but as always, employment-related disputes are filling our time:  The eight maids-a-milking are whispering about Title VII violations, the nine ladies dancing are insisting on an ERISA-type plan for future health costs stemming from dancing-related injuries, the ten lords-a-leaping and eleven pipers piping are just getting in everyone’s way, and the twelve drummers drumming claim that putting them last on the list is our way of retaliating against them for blowing the whistle on harsh working conditions in an offshore toy factory owned by this jolly red friend of ours

And all of them wonder how it is that they were gifted to us without violating slavery and human trafficking lawsBah humbug! No, that’s too strong – it is our favorite holiday

In any event, here are the most interesting news items that came across our transom in the past week: