March 2013 Monthly Roundup

| Jason M. Knott and Marcus, Ellen and William A. Schreiner, Jr. and Andrew P. Torrez

For us here in the greater Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area, March was true to form – or at least, the Farmer’s Almanac – and came in like a lion (with city-closing snow and everything!) but has gone out like a lamb, as today is beautifully sunny with highs in the mid-60s.

As the Farmer’s Almanac tells us, that saying was rooted in the ancient belief that weather would seek a balance, and that good events would cancel out bad ones.  That sense of balance held true for your Suits by Suits editors this month as well, as Ellen Marcus documented the unique ability of shareholders to protest “golden parachutes” for companies emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy – as contrasted with their general inability to do much else.  Bill Schreiner explained how the average executive can protect herself from incurring certain legal expenses through directors & officers’ (“D&O”) insurance policies, while noting the limits of those D&O policies especially in high-profile cases like former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.  Andrew Torrez continued to document the push-and-pull in the legislative arena over whether and to what extent courts should uphold covenants not to compete contained in employment contracts, and warned Gov. Deval Patrick that the proposed new law in Massachusetts may not do what he expects it to do.  And Jason Knott warned us that only 2% of Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblowers succeed on their claims, while walking us through a comprehensive recent decision by the Second Circuit that maps out how future whistleblowers can prove the elements necessary to assert their cases.

A full list of all of our articles from March follows.  And remember, Suits by Suits is now on Twitter – and that’s no April Fools!