September 2013 Monthly Roundup

| Jason M. Knott and Marcus, Ellen and William A. Schreiner, Jr. and Andrew P. Torrez

T.S. Eliot famously declared that “April is the cruelest month,” which got us thinking:  what exactly is September, then?  Typing “September is the” into Google gives us a fairly interesting grab-bag of responses.  Wikipedia is, as you might expect, pretty literal (“September is the ninth month of the year.”)  Thanks, Wikipedia!  ESPN tells us that September is “the best month of the baseball season,” but something called “Investopedia” claims that September is the worst month for investing, and a bunch of other sites seem to agree.  September is also apparently “National Preparedness Month” at the NOAA (link not available due to government shutdown); national “Library Card Sign-up Month”; “National Senior Center Month”; and even national Abortion Access Month.

Whew!  With all of that taking place, you may have missed some of the stories we covered throughout the month of September, including the following: