Suits by Suits Monthly Roundup – November

| Jason M. Knott and Marcus, Ellen and William A. Schreiner, Jr. and Andrew P. Torrez and Adam L. Fotiades

In November, Suits by Suits explored a number of developments that are relevant to high-level employees and their companies – including the just-released report on awards made to whistleblowers under Dodd-Frank, a  ruling from the Virginia Supreme Court that managers may be personally liable for the wrongful termination of an employee, a First Circuit decision that Starbucks cannot make its baristas share tips with their supervisors, and the court-approved termination of an employee who mooned his bosses.  We also looked at how exit fees for the Atlantic Coast Conference are like liquidated damages in employment agreements, the dangers of waiving contractual arbitration rights in employment agreements (part 1 and part 2), the possible cost of an affair in the work place,  and blaming “hormones” for poor job performance.

Here is a full roundup of our posts from November:

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