Super Lawyers


Thirty-seven Zuckerman Spaeder LLP attorneys have been featured in the Super Lawyers legal ranking, including nine up-and-coming attorneys selected as "Rising Stars." The following attorneys were recognized in recent years:

Washington, DC

  • Dwight P. Bostwick, 2013—present
  • Blair G. Brown, 2007—present
  • Graeme W. Bush, 2007—present
  • R. Miles Clark, Rising Star, 2013—2014
  • Rachel F. Cotton, Rising Star, 2019
  • Eric R. Delinsky, 2010—present
  • Catherine S. Duval, 2018—present
  • Mark W. Foster, 2009—2010
  • Adam L. Fotiades, Rising Star, 2015—present
  • Paul B. Hynes Jr., Rising Star, 2014—present
  • Paula M. Junghans, 2007—present
  • Peter R. Kolker, 2014—present
  • Carl S. Kravitz, 2008—2010; 2013—present
  • Caroline Judge Mehta, 2013—present
  • Alexandra W. Miller, 2013—2014; 2016—present
  • Caroline E. Reynolds, Rising Star, 2013—2016
  • Steven Salky, 2007—2010; 2013—present
  • William B. Schultz, 2018—present
  • Michael R. Smith, 2012—present
  • William W. Taylor, III, 2007—present
  • Roger E. Zuckerman, 2007—present

New York

  • Jason S. Cowart, 2016—present
  • D. Brian Hufford, 2006 and 2013—present


  • Nathan M. Berman, Rising Star, 2009—2014; 2015—present
  • Jack E. Fernandez, 2007—present
  • Lee Fugate, 2010—present
  • Marcos Hasbun, 2013—present
  • Sara Alpert Lawson, Rising Star, 2019
  • Morris “Sandy” Weinberg Jr., 2006—present


  • Adam Abelson, Rising Star, 2016—present
  • Gregg Bernstein, 2008—2010
  • Herbert Better, 2007—present
  • John J. Connolly, 2007—2012; 2015—present
  • Martin S. Himeles Jr., 2007—present
  • Daniel P. Moylan, Rising Star, 2009—2010
  • William J. Murphy, 2007—present
  • Conor B. O'Croinin, Rising Star, 2011—2015; 2016
  • Cy Smith, 2007 and 2010—present 

Super Lawyers is published as a special supplement in leading newspapers and city and regional magazines across the country. Lawyers are selected for inclusions based on peer nominations, evaluations, and third-party research. Click here for more information about the selection process. For more information about Super Lawyers, please visit