Contract Negotiations

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As part of a 40-year-old national litigation firm, ZS Sports offers our clients and their families unrivaled support in contract negotiations, dispute resolution and other legal matters.

We understand that each negotiation—no matter the size—is the most important negotiation for that client.  From multi-million-dollar free agent and arbitration contracts, to foreign league contracts, to minor league deals, each negotiation receives the full attention of ZS Sports lead agents and lawyers.  This personal attention ensures that ZS Sports delivers results that are always in the client’s best interest.  

With MLB clubs historically holding a substantial data advantage over agencies, players must have representation that can analyze and understand this data and use it to their advantage in negotiations.  For years, ZS Sports has supported its contract negotiations with a detailed data analysis, both to analyze contract outcomes and amounts, but also to predict Club behavior. Having ZS Sports in your corner puts you on equal footing with the most educated and experienced MLB executives, and allows our clients to focus on their game, knowing their representation will maximize their hard work.