Salary Arbitration

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ZS Sports is the industry leader in MLB salary arbitration.  Clubs are spending less money in free agency and paying less money to older players—a trend that will only continue as Clubs assess the financial impact of Covid-19.  Salary arbitration has become the first path to a player’s financial security—a path where a Club’s financial situation cannot impact the contract a player receives.  In 2020, MLB players signed contracts worth over $700,000,000 though the arbitration process.  In addition to handling all aspects of salary arbitration for our own clients, ZS Sports is one of a small number of groups recommended by the MLBPA to consult on, negotiate. prepare, and present arbitration cases for other agencies seeking assistance, making us one of the most experienced arbitration groups in baseball.  Our results in arbitration hearings speak for themselves, but ZS Sports does not just win arbitration hearings, it negotiates record arbitration settlements.  For example, in 2020, ZS Sports negotiated the second largest arbitration contract ($17.5 Million) for a starting pitcher in the history of arbitration.


  • 2020, Outfielder, Los Angeles Angels (WIN)
  • 2020, First Baseman, Miami Marlins (WIN)
  • 2019, Outfielder, Washington Nationals (LOSS)
  • 2018, Infielder, Chicago White Sox (WIN)
  • 2017, Infielder, New York Mets (WIN)
  • 2015, Infielder, Toronto Blue Jays (WIN)
  • 2015, Infielder, Toronto Blue Jays (LOSS)
  • 2011, Starting Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates (WIN)